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Classic Biofile with Roberto Duran

Published by on July 5, 2010 filed under BioFiles   ·   Comments (0)
Classic Biofile with Roberto Duran  | read this item


Status: Boxing Hall of Famer. Four-time world champion.

Ht: 5-7 Wt: 200

DOB: June 16, 1952 In: Guarare, Panama

Childhood Hero: “Muhammad Ali.”

Childhood Dream: “Always wanted to be a fighter.”

Favorite Movies: “John Wayne movies. Arnold Schwarzeneggar movies. Terror movies. Halloween. Jerry Lewis and Charlie Chaplin movies – my favorite comedians.”

First Job: “Painting – to help godfather in Panama City (age 10.”

First Car: “1968 green VW.”

Early Boxing Memory: “Watching (Ismael) Laguna fight. I was 13. I liked his style, he had a great left hand.”

Hobbies/Interests: “Salsa music, play softball, jet ski, play pool.”

Nicknames: “Manos de Piedra, Robert.”

Pre-Fight Feeling: “Destruction.”

Pre-Fight Meal: “Steak, fish, tomato juice.”

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: “Vanilla.”

Favorite Fights: “Eusebio Pedroza-Orlando Omares, Holmes-Shavers II.”

Greatest Sports Moment: “First world championship (d. Buchanan). When I won. And when I fought Ernest Marcel in Panama in Panama City (TKO 10). He was a good fighter and it was a big win. That’s the fight that opened the door to the championship.”

Most Painful Moment: “When I lost the second time with Leonard.”

Funny Boxing Memory: “After I won the championship from Buchanan, I wanted to eat every kind of ice cream, every flavor, every color. And after that, I did champagne. And after that, I had diarrhea. I went to the bathroom a hundred times that night [laughter].”

Which Fights Were You At Your Best: “Two fights. Buchanan – I wanted to be world champ. Barkley – everyone thought I wasn’t no good, that I was already done.”

Toughest Opponent: “Barkley, Hagler.”

Favorite Boxers To Watch: “All of them. I love boxing and for me all of them are good.”

Favorite Athletes To Watch Outside Boxing: “Pete Rose – for his love of the sport and his fury. Michael Jordan. Magic Johnson.”

Hardest Punchers: “Hearns – who knocked me out. Barkley.”

Funniest Boxer Encountered: “Greg Haugen – good humor.”

Closest Boxing Friends: “Carlos Murillo, Ismael Laguna, Ernesto Marcel, Jorge Lujan, Victor Del Corral – Victor’s Cafe in New York.”

Family: Wife, Fula; sons, Roberto Jr., Roberto III, Victorio; daughters, Jovanna dell Carmen, Irichelle del Carmen.

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