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Biofile with Tegla Loroupe

Published by on February 3, 2011 filed under BioFiles   ·   Comments (0)
Biofile with Tegla Loroupe  | read this item

Status: Two-time winner of New York City Marathon.

DOB: May 9, 1973, in Kenya

First running memory: “Oh, it was a long time ago [smiles]. My first memory is when I run the first race in Japan, 1992. Cross-country.”

Running inspirations: “There are many things that inspire. One thing is that you love to run. Also, to run with the best is a satisfying feeling. And to win the race. My running heroes were Kip Keino from Kenya and Ingrid Kristiansen from Norway.”

Favorite movies: “Well, I don’t have time to go to movies, to the cinema [smiles]. I like old movies. I like the one with Eddie Murphy Coming To America.”

Last book read: “I don’t remember.”

Musical tastes: “I like Madonna.”

Favorite TV shows: “Not really.”

First Car: “Mercedes – from New York, 1994 [laughs]. I won in New York.”

First job: “Auditor (age 18).”

Current car: “I drive Mercedes.”

Favorite meal: “We have ugali – that’s a Kenyan meal. And pasta.”

Favorite ice cream flavor: “No.”

Prerace feeling: “It’s normally a little bit nervous.”

Greatest sports moment: “When I broke the world record – to be the fastest woman. And when winning New York – first one, 1994.”

Most painful moment: “Was not easy. Was Olympics 2000, Sydney. I caught food poisoning and I was really feeling bad for the marathon. Then it just went like that (finished 13th). And after four years you prepare – it’s painful.”

Embarrassing career memory: “[Laughs]…when you don’t do well. Especially at the Olympics, where you prepare for four years. You don’t get what you hope for. And when I lost the race in New York in 1998 or 97. I made a mistake by running too fast.”

Favorite athletes to watch: “I like to watch Haile – he’s a great person. And Bob Kennedy.”

Favorite vacation: “I would like to go to New Zealand.”

Favorite sport outside running: “I love rugby and soccer.”

Childhood dream: “I wanted to be a traveler, all over the world. I escaped by running. And I wanted to be an ambassador. And I didn’t know what kind of ambassador I wanted. But I know now that I am an ambassador for peace.”

Qualities most admired: “Well, I would like to see people having good spirits to one another. Kind-hearted people.”

Favorite marathon: “In New York.”

Residence: Kenya and Dortmund, Germany.

Career Accomplishments: 1994 and 1995 New York City Marathon winner; 2000 London Marathon winner; finished second at 1996 Boston Marathon; Set world marathon record twice – in Rotterdam in 1998 (2:20:47) and Berlin in 1999 (2:20:43); 2000 Olympian.

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