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Mayweather Finally Admits Cowardice: Health Concerns Are Why He Ducked Pacquiao

Published by on May 3, 2012 filed under Articles   ·   Comments (14)
Mayweather Finally Admits Cowardice: Health Concerns Are Why He Ducked Pacquiao  | read this item

(This week Floyd Mayweather admitted to reporters in Las Vegas that he won’t fight Manny Pacquiao because of health concerns and again accused the Filippino of using PEDs without any evidence. This is the article I penned two months ago for about Floyd admitting his fear and cowardice of Pacquiao.)

March 4th, 2012

By Scoop Malinowski

Now the truth has finally been confirmed by Floyd Mayweather himself: He’s afraid of getting pounded on like a punching bag by Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather admitted this to Bob Costas in an NBC show interview about why he doesn’t want to fight Pacquiao. “I am in the game to win, not just inside the ring, but outside the ring,” stated Mayweather. “My health is more important than anything.”

Costas then countered with, “Are you implying there is something to fear in Manny Pacquiao?”

Floyd: “I don’t fear no one. If you’re insinuating that I’m a scared fighter, why would you want to watch a scared fighter?”

Earlier in the interview, Mayweather mentioned Muhammad Ali’s health. “With or without Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather is okay. Floyd Mayweather fights for Floyd Mayweather. At the end of the day, Floyd Mayweather has to be happy and comfortable…Look at the Ali situation. Fans pushed him to get into fights at the end of his career that he didn’t want to get in…If Ali could trade it all in for his health, he would.”

(Note: Let me correct Floyd. Ali was not forced by fans to get in the ring with Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Ken Norton, Larry Holmes or Trevor Berbick. Money, pride and a fearless belief in his skills were the motivation for Ali to take those fights.)

Floyd also said: “One shot can end your whole career. Boxing is a very deadly sport.”

Costas said Floyd has to fight Pacquiao, to see who is the best, to give the fans what they want and to pump up the sport with a much-needed big, exciting, Super Bowl event: “I come first. Self preservation. I gotta worry about my family. If the fight don’t happen, so be it.”

There you go: “Self preservation.” So the reasons Mayweather gave us for two years of ducking and dodging Pacquiao – drug tests, fake retirements, Manny has to leave Arum and be his own boss, no 50-50 split, he doesn’t need Manny, it’s all Bob Arum’s fault, etc. – were indeed mere smokescreens, bluffs and lies. Cleverly but dishonestly used to cover up the real secret truth – Mayweather fears for his health because he knows Pacquiao would simply beat the hell out of him.

Mayweather knows his skills that pay the bills wouldn’t work against Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather does not have the confidence that his all-time great defensive skills will be able to control and subdue Pacquiao and maintain his unbeaten record and his good health, against the relentless assualts that Manny Pacquiao would unleash on him.

This surprising admission by Mayweather now puts heavy pressure on HBO. The sport of boxing is supposed to be about the best gladiators testing their courage and talents against the best of the best. Now HBO must fully recognize, if they paid attention to what Floyd Mayweather told NBC’s Bob Costas, that Floyd Mayweather is a manufactured fraud, a coward who is unworthy of being marketed and promoted as a premium sports attraction. (Vitali Klitschko said he would rather die than give Dereck Chisora anything.) Mayweather is a pretender who would be better suited for the world of professional wrestling.

It would be counterproductive for the most powerful television network in American boxing to promote and market, with maximum resources, a cowardly fraud who doesn’t care about the sport or it’s fans, only about perserving his own career with safe, low-risk, set up opponents.

“I’m in a great position, a very lucrative position,” Mayweather told Costas, who was pressuring him to accept the 50-50 split with Pacquiao. “I’m NOT giving up the split. I can’t. I can’t afford to.”

Of course he can’t and won’t. Mayweather and his advisor Al Haymon manipulate HBO and the public like subordinates. With HBO’s promotional machine at their beck and call, Mayweather and Haymon think they can keep on going for as long as they wish, making easy money safe “fights” via their stooges at HBO and most of the American media.

Shouldn’t the vast resources of HBO be better served to be used to invest in true, real, fearless champions like the Klitschkos, Bute, Ward, Martinez, Doniare, Rigondeaux, Proksa, Dawson, Bradley, Peterson, etc. in order to retain the credibility and honor of the noble sport? Shouldn’t HBO be expected to deliver to sports fans the best of the best versus the best, not rewarding cowardly frauds who are afraid of getting beaten up to the point of losing their health, while trumpeting them as heroic champions?

Surely, Thomas Hauser will be able to consult HBO to wake up and adhere to this simple basic premise won’t he? Or are the powers that be at HBO so wrapped around the fingers of Haymon and Mayweather that the Mayweather fraud show will go on for another five or ten years?

If HBO continues to knowingly and willingly support a cowardly fraud like Mayweather, how many other outrageous errors in judgement can we expect to see down the road by the powers that be at HBO and what will be the inevitable consequences on our great sport which has so diminished and declined in popularity and credibility over the last 10-15 years?

Don’t forget, Mayweather already told us that he doesn’t love boxing anymore like he used to because “it’s not real anymore.”

With that in mind, can we really expect Mayweather vs. Cotto to be fought at full intensity on May 5, since Mayweather said his “self preservation” is top priority? If Mayweather is, as he says, so concerned about his health, which is “more important than anything”, how do we know for sure he and Cotto won’t make one of those Teddy Atlas silent agreements? Like Floyd told us at Fight hype, “Boxing isn’t real anymore.”

I mean, how much longer can this great deception be allowed to contaminate the sport of boxing?

And you have to wonder if, after this Mayweather revelation to Costas, the powers that be at HBO continue to permit Mayweather’s advisor Al Haymon to use and manipulate the network like his own personal broadcasting service, like he has done for the last five years with Mayweather, Broner, Arreola, Williams, Jacobs, Berto, Mitchell, etc. How many more super fights will be canceled because one fighter and his advisor fear coming out on the loser’s end, which would destroy their “great position” and leverage?

We know now Floyd Mayeather is afraid for his health and well being and that’s why he won’t ever fight Manny Pacquiao. He told this to Bob Costas on national TV. Now the chips must fall where they may.

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  1. Floyd Clay Aiken Mayweather says:

    Gayweather wants to stay undefeated. That “health concern” issue is just another excuse to duck Pacquiao.

  2. Carl J. Hewitt says:

    Why would Floyd fear a fighter who was last seen lying face-down on a canvas in Vegas at the hands of an almost 39 year old fighter???

  3. Scoop Malinowski says:

    Floyd feared the 2010 version of prime Pacquiao because he knew he would have likely ended up badly and brutally beaten up like Oscar, Hatton and Cotto were.

  4. paul amaya says:

    Pacman is to tuff for fraudweather,Manny haspower and speed he beats people up, mayweather can’t take the pressure .

  5. Scoop Malinowski says:

    Agree Paul, Pac would have slaughtered Floyd in 2010. I think he would beat him right now too. Floyd is still reluctant to make the fight, his latest excuse was that he ordered Pac to avenge losses to Bradley and JMM then he can fight him. Though Floyd is on the record saying he felt Pac beat Bradley. Also, curiously, Floyd did not use the Bob Arum excuse most recently, which he used so heavily over the last two years. Thanks for your comment Paul.

  6. paul amaya says:

    To my true boxing fans , I just looked up mayweather sniffing ped’s on YouTube and found a video of mayweather just before the Mosley fight it clearly shows mayweather sniffing something you be the judge .

  7. Scoop Malinowski says:

    Paul I will look for this video.

  8. paul amaya says:

    Please do get back at me asap,what do you think about fraudweather not wanting to fight canelo at 154,he had no problem fighting lightweight marquez who was two weight classes smaller and he didn’t even make the catch weight of 144. When asked about Sergio Martinez he said Martinez had to drop to 150 what a coward

  9. Scoop Malinowski says:

    I saw the video Paul and am very curious to know what Mayweather snorted when he turned his back to the camera. I am very suspicious. If it was cocaine or some kind of PED it would probably be covered up. Interestingly, just a month ago I was having a conversation with an ATP tennis player at a pro tournament and he told me he’s heard stories of a top American player from the past putting cocaine powder in his wristband and sniffing it during the match as a stimulant. I kid you not, an ATP player told me this “locker room story.” Could Mayweather be a cocaine user? It would not shock.

  10. Scoop Malinowski says:

    Paul, I am not in the least bit surprised that Mayweather is intent on ducking Saul Canelo Alvarez by any and all means necessary. He’s a coward at heart, we know that by know. Also a “spoiled brat” a term used by De La Hoya to describe Mayweather during the hype before their fight. It’s impossible to push a coward spoiled brat to do anything he does not want to. And it’s impossible to push Mayweather to take a fight he knows he could get brutally beaten up in. It’s a sad shame that Showtime is perpetrating this fraud Mayweather and is supposedly contracted to pay Mayweather $32 million per sparring session vs. handpicked set up opponents five more times. Boxing in American is in a massive downward spiral. This Mayweather example engineered by Al Haymon will destroy the credibility of the sport in the future in America. Haymon will protect all of his fraud fighters like Mayweather and Broner and it looks like Showtime is in on footing the bills for a lot more WWE sparring sessions. Thanks for your comment Paul.

  11. marco dawson says:

    Canelo is a way bigger threat than a Pacman who just now woke up from a devastating Kockout from JMM, who Floyd made look like an amateur, all this article is in better words ASININE, hate for Mayweather True Boxing Fans and people who know the sport of boxing know better than to believe Floyd is in anyway scared to fight Pacman or anyone else, Pacman had his chance he blew it, if he wants a fight with Mayweather than he either does it the old fashion way which is win some fights against ranked opponents, climb the ladder and make himself a mandatory opponent for a title shot, or he either submits to the demands that were on the table during the first negotiations, P4P Floyd is the best fighter in the world regardless if he fights Pacman or not he will always be one of the greatest fighters of this generation and considered on of the best ever to lace up boxing gloves period.

  12. It is very obvious (and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out) that Floyd M. is simply avoiding or scared of the Pacman. Looking at all the recent Mayweather and Pacquiao fights (JMM’s fights included), it is very clear who would be the clear loser in the event that they decided to settle who really is the pound for pound king. Let’s not kid ourselves into believing that Floyd is ‘The One’ because he definitely isn’t!

  13. Scoop Malinowski says:

    Agree Antonio. Floyd has nothing but excuses and reasons to duck Pacquiao. He tries to beat him with words but you can only beat a fighter with actions, not words. Because of this extreme relucatance by Floyd, which indicates lack of confidence, I strongly believe Pacquiao would destroy Mayweather with his unusual, complicated, relentless offensive arsenal.

  14. sansue says:

    The Filipinos knew all the while that he was and still is afraid of our own Manny Pacquioa. No matter how many time Manny gets knocked down, he is still the fiercest gladiator on canvass and inside the ring!

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