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Jenny Simpson Biofile

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Jenny Simpson Biofile  | read this item

Status: 2011 World Champion in 1,500 meters. 2008 and 2012 U.S. Olympian. Winner of 2011 Fifth Avenue Mile in New York City.

DOB: August 23, 1986 In: Webster City, Iowa

Ht: 5-5 Wt: 110

First Running Memory: “I know I was running before this. But my first real good memory was the first race that I ever ran in elementary school. I’ve been running track and field ever since I was in third or fourth grade. My first race was a mile around the soccer fields in my elementary school. And it was a dive at the line and I ended up getting second. And so I joke that I spend my entire career trying to overcome that second place dive at the line [smiles].”

Inspirations: “My inspirations a lot of times is the people that came before me. And the distances in time between some of the amazing things that have been done and, you know, how long it’s been since it’s been repeated. Mary Slaney was a great example, she was such an idol of American running. And it’s been twenty years since she was on the track racing and winning world titles for the U.S. And then at the NCAA level when I was there, I broke a couple records that were twenty-plus years old. So knowing that they’re there and haven’t been punched in so long – that really motivates me.”

Last Book Read: “Oh, that’s a great question. How To Be An American Housewife. It’s really interesting.”

Favorite Movies: “Stranger Than Fiction. October Skies.”

First Job: “Waitress at a dinner theater. And I was only allowed to take home tips. In high school, in Orlando, FL.”

Current Car: “I share a Hyundai with my husband.”

Pre-Race Feeling: “I get really nervous before. Nervous about everything going clean. I don’t want there to be a fall. I don’t want somebody to get hurt or uncessary contact or something. I don’t know why, that’s what I worry about while standing on the starting line.”

Favorite Meal: “I love a good plate of salmon.”

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: “Oh, I love ice cream of any kind. But two or three scoops of vanilla and I’m good. I love vanilla.”

Greatest Sports Moment: “Winning a gold medal (2011 World Championships in 1,500 meters in Daegu, S. Korea).”

Most Painful Moment: “For as many heights as we have, we definitely have many lows. The 2009 Cross Country championships I was the favorite to win the race and I never won a cross country title in the NCAAs. And I flopped over and fainted a couple of times during the race and really struggled to get to the finish. That was by far the low of my career.”

Embarrassing Memory: “Any time you’re on a run and you can’t find a bathroom, that’s by far the most embarrassing running memory.”

Favorite Athletes To Watch: “I really enjoy watching Galen Rupp race. He’s somebody that always puts himself in the race. He runs really intelligently and he’s always prepared for every race he runs. Bernard Lagat is really exciting because he always has these phenomenal finishes. And then I always watch female runners in their races but it’s different, because I’m watching them thinking about the competition.”

Favorite Sport Outside Running: “I love to watch basketball. I really like the Orlando Magic – Dwight Howard, Shaq, Penny Hardaway, when they were playing.”

Childhood Dream: “I really wanted to be an Olympian in dressage, an equestrian sport. I actually studied and rode dressage all the way until I got to high school. And I thought for the longest time that’s where I would be, as far as Olympic dreams. So it’s funny how differently that turned out.”

Hobbies/Interests: ‘I love to read. I read a lot. I really enjoy volunteering.”

Favorite Place To Compete: “The place that touched me the most was competing in Berlin for the World Championships three years ago. It’s just fraught with history and the stadium is just absolutely beautiful. It has a blue track. They did a great job with integrating the old with the new, all the old tunnels are the same ones they used. It’s the Olympic stadium.”

Last Halloween Costume: “A pirate.”

People Qualities Most Admired: “Honesty, integrity and certainly loyalty.”

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