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Manny Pacquiao, The Rosary And The Sign Of The Cross

Published by on December 8, 2012 filed under Articles   ·   Comments (33)
Manny Pacquiao, The Rosary And The Sign Of The Cross  | read this item
By Ryan Arguelles
(Note: This article was posted 12 hours before the Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez IV fight.)
Filipino Catholics are waiting for Manny Pacquiao to have an official statement regarding his present religious affiliation. Is he now an Evangelical? Still a devout Catholic? Well, action speak louder than voice!
Every Manny Pacquaio fight is accompanied by mass and prayer, everytime he goes to Las Vegas on the last week of training at the Wildcard Gym he would attend a mass at a Catholic Church officiated by a Catholic Priest.
Last Sunday the news told us that he was at the Westside Shepherd of the Hills Church attending a service and before that on thanksgiving weekend, he was there giving turkey after the church service.
Westside Shepherd of the Hills Church is clearly an Evangelical Church or plainly its not a Roman Catholic Church! Manny Pacquiao I believed have changed denomination though would not admit it in the media. He would quote scripture every now and then like he really knew what he was talking about, for us Filipino Catholics this is a sign that he is now in the fold of Born Again Christian Group or what we referred as Evangelicals. These group thought that they are saved by merely accepting Christ as the Lord and Saviour and will quote the bible like they are the lone expert and authority to interpret the scriptures. Manny shows these signs already in media and tv interviews not knowing the fact that the true interpretation of the bible is hollistic in approach, considering the language used in the particular time, place, tradition of the people at that point, culture practice, history, writings, art, science, knowledge of people involved in the certain time and so on and so forth.
Catholic interpretation are carefully studied for years, decades with pinpoint accuracy than that of the Evangelicals interpretation where it lack hollistic interpetation and relies on word by word interpretation to attract converts as well as their pastors good appearance, coat & tie and good communication technique.
Manny Pacquaio succombed to the brainwashing of Evangelicals due to the fact that he didn’t understood what’s inside the Catholic teaching when he is shown to be prayerful and devout as Catholic in the past but his world and lifestyle before is not what the Catholic Church teaches, the Catholic Church have nothing to do with his adulterous life and gambling vices.
Manny Pacquiao lived a life of sin using the Catholic Church as shield of his action but the truth of the matter is he never was a true Catholic by practice beause of his adulterous practices and gambling vices and now that he is a spewing biblical knowhow he and his Evangelical friends blame his Catholism for his shortcomings. 
There comes Pastor Jeric Soriano taking advantage of the situation and by the way a good source of income for the Evangelicals church once he will be converted to their brand of Christianity. Many pastor’s follow and seek Manny attention and now they say they are one of their own, an expert of scriptural and spitual pride which they claim that they are for sure to enter heaven and if you remained in the Catholic Church and will not be born again then entering heaven is hard, so to speak.
His spiritual pride is now at the peak like he is now in authority to spread the good news and the moral authority to preach. We the Filipino Catholics which is composed of 85 percent of the whole Philippine nation raised an eyebrow, we still believed at this point that Manny Pacquaio is still a Catholic but news came out from America proved that he is not one with us anymore though we Catholics doubted this at the time of the Bradley fight. Latest sparring session of Manny at the Wild Card Gym courtesy of youtube suggest that he don’t do the sign of the cross and at the end of his prayer the sign of the cross is not practice anymore in this latest preparation of the Marquez-Pacquaio 4. Word came from General Santos that they intend to kept this a secret on his conversion to Evangelicals as not to losed support on the general Catholic nation of the Philippines.
The Catholic Nation of the Philippines and the CBCP must asked Manny Pacquaio if he is still in communion of the saints. Communion of the Saints is referred as the spiritual union of the whole Catholics dead or alive, the one in heaven (triumphant church), the souls in purgatory (suffering church) and us living catholics (militant church). The later (militant church) offers prayer to the suffering church or the souls in the purgatory. The mass and the holy rosary is one powerful tool of prayer for the sufferers of the purgatory to enter eternal salvation. Manny Pacquiao stops wearing the rosary, stops going to mass therefore he stop praying for the sufferers in purgatory because evangelicals refused to believed in purgatory the cleansing place before heaven and salvation.
Manny Pacquaio is a good bearer of the faith before because by watching him at the world stage of boxing where the telesion crew and media surrounds his every detail and at fight night where the rosary and the sign of the cross is broadcast through Manny Pacquaio, he is the bearer and instrument of all the  church militant and the One Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church to the whole world in which we fought a spitual warfare on Satan, the glamour of evil, the lure of false truths and empty promises.
Manny Pacquiao is not anymore in our side to battle these forces hence he even enter and was lured by a false Pastor’s, one is in the name of Pastor Jeric Soriano and his cohorts to brainwash his weak spiritual side unto the empty promises and false truth of these so called Evangelicals. Though Manny proclaimed many times that he is a devout Catholic many times, I doubted all the these because Manny continues his sinful way and adulterous life. Manny can’t blame the Catholic Church for his old ways because Catholism never teach adultery and gambling. Manny Pacquaio is an example of ignorant Catholic who never study the real teaching and the majesty of the church and once befriended by an Evangelical pastor who proclaimed that the Bible is the sole authority then Manny was lured unto believing the false truths! Manny should asked and seek question about the Catholic faith on the expert of the Catholic teaching and should not asked about Catholism on the enemy of the church to answer basic question of the Catholic faith & dogma and Manny Pacquaio deserves the truth.
Manny Pacquiao is I believed speaks the Visayan language therefore I suggest he asked Catholic Defender Organization in the city of Cebu or Davao where he frequented or Catholic Defenders of General Santos City where they can explain and answer the Wonders of the Catholic teaching in the Visaya dialect to fully be aware of the teaching and not merely trying to speak English and Tagalog in their own kind of Bible interpretation where he hardly lack understanding and communicating skills in which pastors of the Evangelical denomination would take advantage to brainwash by promising eternal salvation by merly accepting Christ and Manny, Jinkee agreed. We’ll if they knew the Catholic teaching and theology deep with their hearts it will be difficult by the so called Evangelical Pastor to penetrate the weak spitual side of the couple. Now, they are blinded by the truth worse than their past problem of adulterous and gambling vices way of life because today they separated themselves to the Holy Sacraments and the Eucharist itself where its celebration is the mystical true presence of Jesus Christ.
Filipino Catholics today will once again reach for their rosary to say a prayer of devotion and request to our Lord Jesus Christ for Manny to be protected in this fight with Juan Manuel without knowing that Manny Pacquiao have already turned away from the very symbol and prayer that protects him and made him a superstar in boxing.
The sign of the cross which he make every round is no more there since he fought Bradley and as you know what happened on that fight, he losed. The sign of the cross is a sign of victory of Jesus Christ and us Christian and Catholic. I remember three or two years ago while in Manhattan, New York a bearded man in a black vested clerical clothing braved the cold and proclaim the cross and Jesus Christ on the streets of Manhattan and I thought that this bearded man have done tremendous amount of loved to Jesus and the Cross.   
By the cross we are saved by Christ that’s why the Rosary has a cross on its tip and today if Manny refused to wear the cross he will be defeated in the ring by Juan Manuel Marquez who I believed continue to wear the Rosary while our very own disowned the symbol that makes him a superstar.
Many Filipino Catholics will be on the side of Marquez this time and I for one who fought for Manny Pacquaio in many debates and forum and was once bullied by Folyd Mayweather Sr at the press conference of Pacquio-Cotto for defending Pacquaio against steroids used will now be at the side of Marquez.
I for one witnessed the fight of Manny Pacquiao in Davao City and South Cotabato and followed him at the blow by blow boxing tv program and have gone to Las Vegas to watch him fight Cotto. I cheered and celebrated his victory then but will now be cheering his foe for the first time because of the Rosary, the sign of the cross and the Holy Roman Catholic Church.
We can’t win on these three because the true spirit of Jesus lives on these three and Manny Pacquaio turned away from Jesus by leaving the Catholic Church, therefore Manny could losed this time and KO in three rounds. I hope still that Manny will be protected by the Rosary even he would not wear it anymore and will not be hurt badly. Rosary saves!

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  1. Duljoman says:

    this is a very good read… we cant ignore this topic, people are talking about it… so he needs to address this one too…

  2. Annie says:

    I thought Manny is fighting for the whole Filipino Fighting for Philippines Flag! I didn’t know the Catholic raised him just to fight for them. The non-catholics are praying for his safety, for him to win too.
    Just a question does the “Evangelical” is praying a different God?! I think we all pray to one God. He lost once, and you are all blaming it all to his change of denomination/faith?! Isn’t is how small minds thinks?! We pray in one God, even Islam who got a different name of God, still refers to one God that we believe.. not unless if this article is referring to a different god. If all catholics thinks like you.. then, they should review if they are in the right religion to guide their spiritual life. Manny does represent the catholic church only, he represents the whole Philippines Sir!

  3. makeupscents says:

    nice article. i hope manny will find the truth in his religion (catholicism)

  4. makeupscents says:

    mama mary crying.. manny why did you turn your back on me?

  5. Al Tian says:

    The quickest way to Jesus is through is most beloved mother mary. While watching the fight, I can’t help but feel bad about pacqiao for failing to honor Mary like in his previous fights, The result? A humiliating defeat for pacqiao and a glorious victory by Juan Manuel Marquez who indeed made the victorious sign of christ upon entering the ring. The Rosary, Holy Communion and Holy Mass are keys to enter heaven for catholics.. Satan hates the holy rosary, even with just one hail mary could make him scream in pain as evidence in actual cases of demonic possesions in which the excorcist would pray the rosary to cast out the unclean possesing spirits.That’s how powerful the intercession of our beloved mother,That is also the reason, why Cebu rarely gets hit by devastating typhoons becuase the rosary is very alive here in cebu.Pacqio needs deliverance prayer becuase adultery is clearly a mortal sin, the fact that he demoralized the catholic faith by converting to another religion is a sign of betreyal to God.. I don’t say that other religions our bad.. In respect to our brothers and sisters who are of different religions,but if you where born a catholic, and had been baptized by the holy spirit, and you suddenly shifted to another religion to find comfort,then that is contrary to following christ in bearing the cross with humility and suffering, sometimes God would allow us to suffer without consolations in order to test our faith in loving and serving him…I hope that Manny Pacqio’s conscience will convince him to return to the catholic faith which christ started 2000 years ago and may he become a steward of the holy rosary.. AVE MARIA!

  6. Al Tian says:

    The Secrets Of The Rosary, Imitation Of Christ, Life Of Mary As Seen By The Mystics, Read Me or Rue it( about purgatory) are books that every catholic family should have. This books inspires us more to stand firm on our catholic faith.. Pacqiao should read those..

  7. mar says:

    I thought the bradley loss was a coincident for not wearing the rosary. This article means something (bad karma) for Pacquiao. Manny Pacquaio turned away from Jesus by leaving the Catholic Church, the rosary & the sign of the cross which are 3 manifestations of Jesus Christ. He did it 1st time in the Bradley fight and again in the Marquez 4 fight. Add 3 more to make it 6, the round (2:59) when Pacquiao was knockout cold by Marquez.

  8. cng says:

    @annie okay first of all it is 2nd lost for Pac. And he is now born again Christian / evangelical now not Catholic Christian . Evangelicals do not do sign of cross or wear rosary .

  9. Bob says:

    This is a very good read and prophetic. Pacquiao was knocked down on the 3rd round and got knocked out on 6th. While watching the fight in a sportsbar here in florida, i was keen as to if he would sign the cross or wear his rosary, but it didnt happened. i told my friends, hes gonna loose…and he loose really hard. I pray he will come back to the fold. The one true catholic church.

  10. jay says:

    Why do you think Jesus founded a Church? of course, for the people to join His Church! and that Church is the “Catholic Church”.. just trace the History.. that’s why I keep on asking myself.. why so many self proclaimed church are appearing now a days..

  11. 3 kings says:

    We our family really relies on rosary to be nearer to Jesus Christ, through our Mama Mary. I also think that the pastors is to be blame for all the brainwashing to the innocent mind of pacquiao. Manny must realized that..the rosary and Mama Mary help Him to what he bacome now, and suddenly he turn away from the rosary and even the sign of the cross.and the result a loss. Marquez wears the rosary and the cross so no question with that..God favor marquez through Mama Mary. Ave Maria

  12. Andrew says:

    Great Article. With over 30,000 Protestant churches he should ask one simple question. Who annointed his church/pastor to interpret the Bible? How long has this church been around? Let me guess 10 or 20 years. One day a guy opens a Bible and decides hey this is what the early Chirstians meant… The Church started over 2000 years ago not just in the last couple decades. The problem with random churches popping up is that they lack history and guidance in the true way the Bible was interpreted. How did the early Chiristians interpret the Bible?

    I too almost left the Catholic church one time. However, before I made that decision I decided to find out what I was leaving. Basic questions answered that caused me concern at the time like: Why pray the Rosary, why pray to Mary/Saints, why is there a Pope, Faith and Works,Infant Baptism,Purgatory, traditions, sacraments, etc. If only Manny would ask questions rather than just accept a random persons interpretation of the Bible. He may find the truth.

    Unfortunatley many Catholics dont know the answers to these questions. Neither did the early Christians. “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed-John 20-29″. In earlier times the ability to read and write was perhaps less than 5% of the population, now that number has increased greatly Catholics now should find the time to learn more about the Bible through the succession of teachings from the earliest Christians.

    I think there should be a Catholic Apologetic who would meet with Manny and defend and in a sense battle this newly found religion Manny has discovered.

    Perhaps get a petition together for Manny to at least hear the true teachings of the Catholic church.

  13. EESHI says:

    is that what you called Good christian?? you have no rights to question his faith, its not about the sign of the cross that would save you, its your faith to GOD.. a true christian accept trials heartily, and its a sign that GOD is really working in your life.. im happy that MR. manny is growing as a true christian, not a church goer.. don’t question GODS Plan, for his will be done,so let it be.. GODBLESS*

  14. dominador medina says:

    we should respect manny’s decision on his religious belief. let us praise him for his continuous search for deep relationship with god. we do not know exactly what touched him negatively in the catholic church or positively in the other denomination. let us not drag god into religious or denominational politics. flash elorde and many other fighters stayed catholic all their lives, yet they suffered defeats too. many fighters are in other faiths and they too have their ups and downs. again, let us not drag god into our petty denominational politics. “In this they will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another.” (jn. 13:35)

  15. EESHI says:

    OMG!! i was really shock how CATHOLIC people think, they don’t care about GODs plan, what matters to them is what they can get from being a “CHRISTIAN KUNO”.. we born again christian don’t see it as a failure but a test of faith in how we handle trials that would come our way.. not blaming other people when we are in test, not questioning Gods plan. most of the catholic are just church goer, after going to church back to their usual way, calling all their saints nino mama mary all statue, they can not even speak nor hear you. why did the priest persecuted the people who preached about the bible in the past yrs. why did they change the 10 commandments of god? why do they allow priest to drink alcohol, when it was writen in the bible that its not good. why do they pray to their saints when it says don’t be idolaters and don’t call other gods. we are nothing against catholic but we would like to ask you if you know GOD enough to question his will…

  16. EESHI says:

    it only shows you don’t read enough of your bible, it says there MARY haven’t know about my plans for you,about whats happening here on earth..there’s nothing wrong in trials, GOD made them to strengthen our faith, and not to live idle. Manny never turned away from JESUS, instead his growing.. see not only manny was tested in this time, but also the faith of the entire people who claimed to be his son, where is your faith now??? read proverbs guys according to the date, and enjoy.. thank you

  17. [...] Smashing an opponent’s face with a boxing glove makes no difference to me whether you’re a Roman Catholic Christian or an evangelical Christian. But it does to some people. Check here. [...]

  18. Owen Tendencia Robles says:

    I was very disappointed when he knelt by his corner of the ring without the sign of the cross before and after praying.Still i cheered for him.But in my mind i was thinking Paquiao/Pac-man will not win.I know this because I saw Marquez do the sign of the cross 2x.I comment as a 9 year old boy living in Brunei who always makes the sign of the cross.I had my 1st holy communion 2 weeks ago.AVE MARIA!

  19. makeupscents says:

    when i saw manny during the weigh in without the rosary deep down i was very disappointed.

    when i read an article about how manny ditches the catholic mass to a service on the day of the immaculate concepcion i was even more disappointed.

    then finally when he went inside the ring and didn’t make the sign of the cross i said to myself.. maybe he’ll lose

  20. SeetheLight says:

    God moves in mysterious ways and not to our understanding, but to His. God is testing if Manny has true faith. If all is taken away from him, will he still be truly faithful to God? Only time will tell. It doesn’t matter to what religion he belongs. Not one religion is better than the other.

  21. Michael Love says:

    I don’t believe in coincidences.
    1. Manny becomes born again and loses to Bradley.
    2. Manny denies his mothers plain ticket to Rome for the canonization of several saints saying he doesn’t have the money.
    3. Manny gets knocked out cold for the first time in his career.
    4. Manny Gets knocked out by a Catholic on the feast of “The Immaculate Conception”

    End of Story

  22. Truth says:

    Manny prayed but didnt make the sign of the cross and certainly not a rosary. Marquez prayed as well and did the sign of the cross and prayed the rosary pleading for intercession of our Lady of Guadalupe, the praroness of Mixeco. Therefore he got the prize victoriously. and nobody can deny or go against that.

    Who is Manny compare to emperor Constantine who was great a believer of the cross of Jesus Christ? Constantine was a king of kings and not even a believer of Jesus in his time. But conquered many nations and have been victorious all his life because of the cross. a night before the great war, Constantine saw the sign of the cross in the rising sun on the sky and Jesus spoke to him saying “in this sign you will win.” the same cross that Manny ignored and disowned because he has blinded by the nice salesmanship of the born again pastor! Jesus himself victoriously saved human kind because of the cross! the same cross that has given Manny victories in many fights despite his shortcomings. re: adulterous and gambling life etc. and the same cross he now denied! its a pity that manny didnt value the greatest treasure he has found!-the cross of Jesus!

    Its now a wakeup call for manny and i hope he would really contemplate deeply about it. at the end the day he is the only one who can make a decision for himself.

    As I’ve said, who manny compare to constantine in his time? This powerful king of kings converted into christianity not because of his own will but because of the cross that Jesus himself shown which gave him numerous victories! people this present didnt understand and even refuse to understand the sigficant value of the cross in any kinds of battle in life! its the most powerful tool and warfare against evil forces! it’s the source of strength! St. Paul cried bitterly for those people who are enemies of the cross! anyone refuses to sign of the cross are enemies of the cross! wake up you non-catholics! you hypocrites! read the new testament specially those books written by St Paul lets see if I am wrong here? Paul cried bitterly for you people who denied to sign of the cross!

  23. chaddy says:

    i believe that having a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is the most important thing that one should have while still living on earth. if that is the will of GOD for Manny’s life so be it, because GOD is GOD. GOD has a wonderful plan for him that through him, many would still know the True Living Savior Jesus Christ

  24. Luchi says:

    “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.”
    Acts 4:12

  25. Jaycee says:

    Chew on this. Manny for the first time did not attend mass before his fight to receive what Catholics believe to be the body and blood of Jesus Christ. He instead had a prayer service in his hotel room. It also so happened that the he missed mass on the Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. This particular Feast Day is what the church calls a Holy Day of obligation. It is considered a mortal sin, according to the Church, not to attend mass on a Holy Day of Obligation. When someone is in mortal sin, that particular person is considered outside of God’s sanctifying grace. For a Catholic, simply missing mass on Sunday is considered a mortal sin. By Manny turning away from the one true Universal Church established by Christ himself, forsaking the Eucharist and the blessed mother on her feast day, one can only say based on the churches teaching, that Manny was surely out of God’s Sanctifying grace. By knowing God’s truth that was revealed to him through the Catholic Church, and consciously deciding to reject it, Manny in one viscous knockout punch, strengthened the faith of Milions of Catholics all around the world in the Majesty and Truth which is the “Universal” Catholic Church. I know for a fact that my Catholic faith has been tremendously strengthened through the witness of the fall of Manny Paquiao. I was utterly disappointed in his knockout loss, until soon after I found out that he renounced his Cathilic faith for evangelical, then watched the tape again and saw no sign of the cross from manny. It was immediately clear to me why he lost. It is sad that Manny was made an example, but I know for certain it was God’s will. If you truly look at what happened closely with your mind and heart, there is no denying the message the God is sending to all of His Christian people.

  26. kulapsa says:

    I think Manny did not understand the basic teachings of the catholic church before joining the desciples of martin luther these so-called bible interpreting-christians. He did not know that the catholic church came before the bible and that the bible was compiled by the catholic church who considered which books of the bible was inspired. The catholic bible remains the same, while non-catholic is using a corrupted version. Without the true Church founded by Christ christianity will not flourish on the face of the earth when most of the people for the first 1500 years (before printing press) were illiterate. Where it not for the visible church who taught the gospel to the people, christianity will not succeed. I challenge all non-catholics who called themselves christians that if sola scriptura (bible alone) is the sole basis of christianity christianity have no chance of reaching our shores.

  27. Joules says:

    I think Manny became an instrument to strengthen our faith on God. I myself learned a lot because of what he did by reading the comments. I am glad that there are many Roman Catholics who speak out in this forum. By reading everyone’s ideas, there is no doubt that the Roman Catholic Church is real church of God. We don’t only speak out like Protestants wherein there is no real root to where they came from. All they can say is God bless Manny, or just talking about their corrupt bible and considering everything as God’s plan and trials… nothing else which to me, it doesn’t make sense at all. Free will can screw you!!! Protestants WAKE UP!!! Check the history, traditions, and the real words of God. Your meditations and meetings are none sense. To Manny, you should contact the Catholic Faith Defender in Cebu. Socrates and his team can help you and answer every questions you have about God. No protestants has ever surpassed against them. Good luck cuz!(sorry for typos..hard to type on phone) -Inopacan, Leyte.

  28. migz says:

    is Mary greater than God? Lets say mother or parents knows best and we children should obey our parents. Mary mother of Jesus don’t want Jesus to be crucified, of course. But is this the will of God(not Jesus to be crucified)? God’s will is Jesus to be crucified for our sins, for the fulfillment of the prophecy. At the end of the story, who’s will happened? We all know Jesus crucified, and that’s the will of God not Mary or His mother. So who is greater? Mary or God? Answer: Will of God. We know everything happens for a purpose.

  29. sinichi1709 says:

    When manny was a catholic… he gamble, has many girls, alcoholic and many more… when he accepted Christ all of these things are gone… do you think that religion can change you… whether you are a catholic or a evangelical if you dont have Christ in your heart you cannot change.. only Christ can change you… not even virgin mary, or st peter, or the pope, or the pastor. Only Jesus can change you.

  30. nonoying123 says:

    The catholic church contradicts the bible

  31. Catholics Wake UP says:

    Catholic Church = Institution

    Pope = Infallible ( Only God is Infallible )

    Catholics = memorize prayers created by the Institution – Prayers are meant be a communication between a person and God

    Catholics are narrow minded. They attack other Christians in their sermons but doesn’t have balls attacking Muslims in their homilies. They are selective.

    Catholics asked for forgiveness from their priests which only God can forgive. Priests are sinners like anybody else. They can be Pedophile or Killers, etc.. Humans are all the same. Ask forgiveness from God directly. Communicated to God directly.

    There are more but stop being haters.

  32. jr says:

    “24 When Joseph woke up, he did what the angel of the Lord had commanded him and took Mary home as his wife. 25 BUT HE DID NOT CONSUMMATE THEIR MARRIAGE UNTIL SHE GAVE BIRTH TO A SON. And he gave him the name Jesus.” (matthew 1.24-25, NIV) .. “24 When Joseph woke from sleep, he did as the angel of the Lord commanded him; he took his wife, 25 BUT KNEW HER NOT UNTIL SHE HAD BORNE A SON; and he called his name Jesus.” (matthew 1.24-25, RSV Catholic Edition)

  33. Francisdogfobaare says:

    All men will become catholics before the end is the most blessed institution designed by God for a purpose salvation to all men. I am proud to be a catholic.

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