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Jessica Simpson Biofile

Published by on January 24, 2013 filed under BioFiles   ·   Comments (0)
Jessica Simpson Biofile  | read this item
STATUS: Columbia Records recording artist, entreprenuer, TV and film star. 
HOBBIES/INTERESTS: I like to go shopping, go to movies. Lots of normal things. Kind of escape from what I do. Go to the gym. Hang out with friends. I love listening and talking with people.
FAVORITE MOVIES: Steel Magnolias, Goonies, Only You, Pretty Woman. And any romantic movies and movies with Brad Pitt in it, I’m there. I get a big bag of popcorn and pour Junior Mints all over it. So it will melt. It’s sooooo good, you have to try it!
MUSICAL TASTES: Celine Dion is my all-time favorite. She’s the whole package, her voice, personality. I like relaxing R&B right now. My new favorite artist is India Arie. Very inspirational. Also, I like Maxwell and Sade. I love Maxwell’s song, ‘Woman’s Work.’ And I love Brian McKnight’s old song, ‘Never Felt This Way.’ I could listen to that over and over and over.
FIRST JOB: Babysitting in Dallas, TX (age 9).
FIRST CAR: 1991 plum-colored Eagle Talon.
CHILDHOOD DREAM: The first thing that I ever wanted to be was an astronaut. I wanted to go to an astronaut space camp.
FUNNY MEMORY: On tour we had a really funny bus driver named Rick. I think he thought he was Elvis Presley. In the middle of the night one night on the bus, me and the dancers mooned all the truckers that drove by [laughs]. That was a funny night.
PRE-PERFORMANCE FEELING: I’m pretty much always nervous. But it gives you good energy on stage. I hope my voice holds out. That I can remember all my dance moves on stage. Just do a good job.
FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: Caribbean. Or something beachy. I like to get sun and check out the cute boys who walk by [laughs].
GREATEST MOMENT: Oh, there’s so many great moments. One of the biggest highlights was when I was in the hospital (with a kidney infection). And Celine Dion called and wished me good health. She said she loved my voice and my song, ‘I Want To Love You Forever.’ That caught me off guard. So many moments. Singing for the Presidents, Clinton and Bush at the White House. Those are big highlights. Actually, President Bush called me and told me how great it was on what a positive role model I am for young girls. That was great coming from the President. I guess I’m doing something right!
MOST PAINFUL MOMENT: It seems every time I perform in New York City, my pants rip or split. It’s like every time. It’s weird. It happened opening for Ricky Martin at Madison Square Garden. And I just wanted to crawl under the stage and die. Cause everyone saw my booty!
FAVORITE MEAL: Steak and potatoes.
LAST HALLOWEEN COSTUME: Me and my friend were a picnic table. We were being stupid one year. We cut out a cardboard box with holes in it for our waists. Stood side by side, we were a table. Glued bowls to the table. We even had Oscar Mayer weanies for our bowl [laughs]!
PEOPLE QUALITIES MOST ADMIRED:  Good character. Anyone who can have a lot of fun and, at the same time, be serious too. I like people that have those two sides to them.

 (Note: This Biofile was done in 2002.)

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