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Alberto Salazar Biofile

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Alberto Salazar Biofile

Alberto Salazar Wins the New York Marathon November 3, 1980 X credit: Jerry Cooke - staff  | read this item

Status: Three-time New York City Marathon winner.

DOB: August 7, 1958 in: Cuba

First running memory: “I would say winning junior high school ‘field day’ 600 meters. First big race I ever won [smiles].”

Running inspirations: “One was Steve Prefontaine…Dave Bedford from England…And Ron Clarke from Australia.”

Hobbies/leisure activities: “Besides coaching and working at Nike – that’s pretty much my work and it’s a hobby. As far as leisure activities – it’s my family.”

Favorite movie: “Raging Bull with Robert DeNiro I loved.”

Favorite TV show: “Law & Order.”

Favorite ice cream flavor: “Light chocolate chip mint.”

Favorite meal: “Arroz y pollo. It’s a Cuban dish, chicken with rice.”

Current car: “BMW.”

First car: “Was a yellow VW Rabbit.”

First job: “Was busboy and a baker at a restaurant, Mel’s restaurant.”

Childhood dream: “For a while, a priest, and a policeman.”

Greatest sports moment: “Running career…winning the Comrades Marathon (56 miles) in 1994 in South Africa. (Why that over New York City Marathon?) Because I’d been retired for a long time and it was the hardest thing I ever did in my life.”

Most painful moment: “Comrades Marathon.”

Funny career memory: “My father running the New York City Marathon, running right behind me, and screwing up the timing system two years in a row. Because he was the second person to cross, so everybody was off by a place after that. So Fred Lebow – the last year – had two State Troopers assigned to my dad – to tackle him if he tried to cross the finish line [smiles].”

Embarrassing career memory: “When in high school, lined up to race, pulled my sweats down and I forgot my shorts. I was in my underwear [smiles]. (What did you do?) Someone lent me a pair of shorts very quick.”

Favorite marathon: “New York City Marathon.”

Pre-race feeling: “Nervous but optimistic. A good anxiety.”

Last vacation: “Every year we go to the Hawaii Marathon, then we take a vacation after it, my family and I.”

Favorite runner to watch: “Kenenisa Bekele from Ethiopia is my favorite runner of all. He has the most perfect biomechanics. He’s tough. Can handle anything.”

Qualities most admired: “I would say integrity. And people who are charitable towards others.”

Residence: Oregon.

Career Accomplishments: Winner of three consecutive New York City Marathons (1980, 1981, 1982); Winner of 1982 Boston Marathon; Winner of 1978 NCAA National Cross Country Championships; U.S. Olympian in 1980 (boycotted) and 1984 (finished in 15th place in marathon event); Coach of Nike Oregon Project.

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